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James Wagner (View Website Bio) concentrates his practice in areas such as personal injury litigation, workers' compensation, toxic tort litigation, products liability, firearms law, probate, estate planning and insurance. His varied legal experience helps him analyze and resolve issues in all areas of practice for his clients. He has been privileged to represent many of the same clients over my entire career and handles each case with a view toward a long-term relationship. James provides his clients with reliable, dependable service.

Standing Your Ground in Tennessee: Changes in the Law of Self-Defense

So-called "stand your ground" laws have been in the news recently. A great deal of the commentary has lacked understanding, been misinformed or just plain wrong. Essentially, these laws provide that when a person is threatened with force, they have no duty to retreat before using force to defend themselves. If the threat involves the risk of death or serious injury, the person can use deadly force in self-defense.

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Not to Have or Hold: Prohibiting the Possession of Firearms and Restoration of the Right - an Overview

Note: Since this article, restoration of firearms rights may be possible for person who has been adjudicated as a mental defective or who has been committed to a mental institution under recent legislation. See Restoration of Firearm Rights After Judicial Commitment blog for details.

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