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Estate Planning

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Sharon Potter (View Website Bio) of Frantz, McConnell & Seymour, LLP has focused her practice in estate and trust planning and probate matters as well as real estate.  She strives to provide the best legal services to protect her client’s interests both before and after death, for individuals as well as corporations, LLCs, and other business entities. This includes anything from a basic Will and Durable Power of Attorney to strategic business succession planning and representation in residential and commercial real estate transactions.  She is always approachable and enjoys helping her clients understand what the law can do to protect and support their interests. She has lived and served in East Tennessee her entire life and serves both the Knoxville Community but the Crossville Community as well.  She will listen with compassion and is perfectly suited to help clients with estate and trust planning, real estate and probate matters as well as business planning.

MEDICAL DIRECTIVES for End of Life Decisions

While end of life decisions may be a topic most people want to avoid, having these conversations with your family members can actually do more good than harm. 

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CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUSTS: What are they & Why should you consider one?

In a previous blog on Revocable Living Trusts [REVOCABLE LIVING TRUSTS- Practical Management & Transfer of Assets, posted July 9, 2015], I mentioned the use of Irrevocable Trusts as a tool for certain tax planning, which included reference to a “Charitable Remainder Trust”.  This blog will discuss what a Charitable Remainder Trust is, how it’s created, and whether it is something you might or should consider putting into place as part of your estate plan.

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REVOCABLE LIVING TRUSTS – Practical Management & Transfer of Assets

There are many reasons for considering the use of a Revocable Living Trust as part of your estate plan, which involves the creation and funding of a stand-alone trust agreement during your lifetime (a/k/a “inter vivos trust”) instead of creating trusts after your death by including trust provisions in your Will (a/k/a “testamentary trust”). 

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Statistics show that we are living longer than previous generations and that we are more likely to experience a disabling mental or physical condition prior to our death. 

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Hall’s Income Tax Exemption Amended – Law Passed May 18, 2015

The only income tax assessed in Tennessee is the Hall’s Income Tax, which is a 6% tax on earnings from stocks and bonds. 

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Blended Family Issues in Estate Planning – Yours, Mine, and Not Your Kids

Problems can arise after the death of one spouse who has failed to plan or made no plans for the division and distribution of their assets, particularly if both spouses have adult children from a prior marriage.

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