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Labor and Employment

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Workers’ Compensation

We have an experienced team of attorneys who daily practice in all areas of workers' compensation from advising employers, insurers, and self-insured employers on risk reduction and cost containment to litigation and potential mediation of compensation cases.

We believe the key to successful representation of employers and insurers in the workers' compensation arena is establishing relationships with employers and understanding the nature of their businesses. We also counsel extensively with employers and insurers on related and overlapping issues such as compliance with Drug-Free Workplace Program requirements, Family and Medical Leave and Americans with Disabilities Act issues, as well as other "pre-accident" planning to help employers manage workers' compensation claims more effectively. We stay abreast of current employment issues that can impact a claim and advise our clients accordingly. We also have a strong employment law contingent that specializes in complex issues, offering our client well rounded representation in the employment arena.

Our firm provides seminars for claims adjusters on various workers' compensation topics, including filing claims, handling the medical portion of claims, and recent changes in the law.

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