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Providing insight on developments in labor and employment law affecting East Tennessee employers and employees.

UPDATE: U.S. Department of Labor Provides Guidance On Whether Parents of Minor Children Who Choose To Attend Remote K-12 Classes Are Entitled To Paid Leave Under The FFCRA

On August 18, 2020, I posted a blog entitled “Are Parents of Minor Children Who Choose To Attend Remote K-12 Classes Entitled To Paid Leave Under The FFCRA?” At that time, I commented that the United States Department of Labor (DOL) had not yet to addressed the question and provided my prediction of how the […]

Supreme Court finds that Title VII employment protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 extend to gender identity and sexual orientation

Following the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell–granting same-sex couples the constitutional right to marry—a related question remained: would gender identity and/or sexual orientation later receive protection from discrimination in employment under the Civil Rights Act? On June 15, 2020, in a 6-3 opinion authored by recently appointed Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, the Court […]


Visit us for tips to make and keep your estate planning, wills, trusts, real estate, and business succession planning up-to-date. Topics on everything from delegating health care and financial decision-making authority during disability and other family/medical-related issues, to current state and federal tax laws that should be considered when forming or managing a family business.

Estate Planning: It’s for the Children (of all kinds)

In Tennessee, a person can leave his estate pretty much to whoever he wants.* Of course, when a person dies without a will, the State of Tennessee provides for how property is divided. See the blog article entitled, “When Aunt Becky Had No Will.” If a person has no will, there are differences in how […]


Providing insight on laws that regulate the manufacture, trade, possession, transfer, record keeping, and transport of firearms, ammunition, and firearms accessories.

Tennessee’s Permitless Handgun Carry Law

Beginning in the late 1800s, Tennessee strictly regulated carrying handguns, by prohibiting carrying pistols “with intent to go armed” in public places.  Exceptions were made for on one’s own property or place of business. In 1996, Tennessee adopted a handgun carry permit process.  Over the years, the law expanded to allow permit holders to carry […]

Changes in Tennessee Laws of Restoration of Rights and Antique Firearms

Tennessee laws regarding firearms and restoration of rights for those convicted of felonies has been complicated.  The Tennessee legislature has made some things less complicated. Restoration of Rights Tennessee differentiates between persons convicted of felonies involving violence or attempts, use of a deadly weapon or drug offenses, and those convicted of other felonies.  Under a […]

Civil Liability for Negligent Storage of Firearms

There are often news stories about a child finding a firearm and either shooting themselves or another child. This covers some of the issues in Tennessee involving civil liability for negligent storage of firearms. Over 100 years ago, a Tennessee court held it was “settled law” that a parent may be liable who permits a […]

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Providing insights on land use regulations in Knoxville and the greater East Tennessee area.

Recode Knoxville’s Proposed Zoning Map

Recode Knoxville’s first draft of a proposed zoning map for Knoxville was released today. The proposed map can be accessed here. If you would like to speak to Richard Graves on this or any other matter, he may be reached at (865) 546-9321. Richard E. GravesA Tennessee native and a true Volunteer at heart, Richard, who […]

Recode Decoded: Part II

The first revised draft of Recode Knoxville was released to the public yesterday. The revised draft includes substantive use revisions as well as revisions to some zoning procedures. Because the Internet always brings out the best in human discussions (I’m joking), I thought it fitting to discuss zoning, which is always the most interesting conversation […]

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