We have extensive practice effectively representing clients in negotiations at the state, county, and municipal levels of government in Tennessee. We routinely appear before governmental agencies and regulatory boards to assist clients in obtaining rezoning requests, plat and site-plan approvals, variances, consents, licenses, authority, permits, rights and waivers from governmental agencies including the fields of zoning, land use and planning, tax appeals, and environmental law. We have long served as counsel to the Knoxville Transit Authority and to the Knox County Emergency Communications District (E-911). We will represent you before the following:

  • Metropolitan planning commissions
  • Regional planning commissions
  • Zoning appeals boards
  • City and county commissions
  • Councils and Boards of alderman
  • Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Tennessee Department of Labor
  • Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Tennessee Board of Equalization

Additionally, we have represented governmental entities and their employees involving regulatory matters, drafting and promulgating administrative rules, ordinances and regulations, disciplinary, hearings, contractual matters and other transactional business, and in litigation involving a wide range of issues including tort liability and contractual disputes.

We understand that your objective is to have your project, permit or request approved, but sometimes it becomes necessary to challenge denials and delays in the approval system. Our attorneys have the experience and resources to represent you in such matters if litigation becomes necessary.

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Benjamin C. Mullins


Richard E. Graves


Rebekah P. Harbin


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