Under Tennessee law, a state court may establish a court-supervised guardianship (for a minor) or a conservatorship (for an adult). The guardian or conservator will be given court authority to make decisions for the minor or adult, and to control the finances for that individual. These appointments are strictly controlled by Tennessee law, and the appointed guardian or conservator is held to a high standard in caring for their loved one.

Mental incapacity or advanced age can be a triggering cause for the need of a conservatorship. When someone can no longer make their own financial decisions or may be in danger of being exploited, a conservatorship is often the only option.

We have experience in representing both guardians and conservators and before the courts of East Tennessee. In addition, we can assist those who believe that a loved one has been taken advantage of or exploited by their guardian or conservator, and would like to file a claim for such abuse.

Please contact any of the attorneys below, if you would like to speak to us about either a guardianship or conservatorship issue.

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