The Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter, an independent organization that studies and collects information regarding jury trials in the State of Tennessee, has named Frantz, McConnell & Seymour, LLP the number eleven (11) most prolific trial firm in the State of Tennessee from 2005 to 2011.

According to the TJVR, during that six year period, FMS attorneys tried a total of thirty-five jury trials in the State of Tennessee.

Managing Partner Donald D. Howell tried a total of ten jury trials during that period of time.

John M. Lawhorn represented a defendant eight times from 2005 to 2011 and obtained a defense verdict in six of those trials.

According to the TJVR, Benjamin C. Mullins tried six jury trials during that period. Of his six trials, Mr. Mullins obtained four defense verdicts on behalf of his clients.

Francis “Snake” Cain tried five jury trials during this period of time.

Richard T. Scrugham, Jr. tried three trials during this period and obtained a defense verdict.

Beverly D. Nelms tried two jury trials during this period; one was a defense verdict, and the other was an award of medical bills only.

Also trying jury trials in this period were Arthur G. Seymour, Jr., Michael W. Ewell , Debbie L. Fulton and Reggie E. Keaton .

FMS is proud of its listing as one of the most prolific trial law firms in the State of Tennessee, especially considering it is one of the smallest firms on this list. Most of the other firms listed by the TJVR have several more attorneys in their firms and multiple offices across the State of Tennessee. FMS prides itself on the experience and personal attention it can bring each of its clients from the initial consultation through a jury trial when necessary.